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St. Catherine, PQ

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AstorArms is a multi-faceted operation offering a unique blend of sporting and para-military firearms, ammunition, accessories and expertise. We can help you to make informed decisions regarding your requirements in these areas and can obtain most firearms you wish to acquire. Service and quality in any price range are what we offer our clients.   Please let us know how we can help you acquire your next firearm.


We offer an excellent choice of best quality new and used hunting, target, collectible breech loading and black powder firearms, whether non-restricted, restricted or grandfathered prohibited at reasonable prices.  All classes of firearms are available.

We will purchase any firearms collection, regardless of size and we also offer consignment sales.  Our import and export facilities are also available for your needs.  Please email us your list of items for sale & we will email you back our estimate.


Our expertise has been acquired over 45 years in all areas of firearm knowledge, including ballistics, competition shooting, reloading, gunsmithing, importing and exporting, retailing and other related matters.  This is part of the services we offer to our clients.  In addition, the current Canadian legislation is quite complex, and our extensive expertise in these matters can be of great assistance when acquiring specific firearms.


Virtually any new firearm you wish to acquire can be obtained for you if it can legally be imported into Canada under the current rules.   We also attend all L.C.A.C.A. gun shows in Montreal.  

We currently have numerous newly acquired firearms for sale in addition to what is on the presently accessible site. Please check back regularly for our updates
as we are always looking for items of interest for our client.

Please email us at storino@bell.net, or call 514-737-5921 and we will be pleased to send you a list of our current inventory.  Thank you for your patronage.

Thanks for your suggestions, and to avoid confusion, the “What’s New” section will only refer to where new additions have been put, and not the specifics.

Proud member of Canada’s Great Firearms Community

Thank you for making this redesigned firearms site
one of the most visited in Canada!

We have more firearms from several collections in all categories, including many collector & target items in top condition.

We also have in Stock , NEW non-restricted firearms.




Due to your response to our specials, we offer you some Additional selected items as part of our Current Sale.

We offer the listed sale price of selected used non-restricted & restricted firearms & Prohibited Handguns as inclusive of all taxes. We hope you will continue to benefit from our selection of distinctive offerings.

Our Best Wishes for a Wonderful 2017!

  Take up to 20% reduction on Selected Prohibited                                       Handguns as well!

Your patronage is greatly appreciated!


June 22, 2017




Policy Statements

All firearms and ammunition sales are made as per the Canadian Firearms Act,

All used firearms and Accessories are in stock , all new firearms are as marked.

Applicable taxes and insured shipping will be added to the purchase price.  

International shipping done with buyer's Import permit as required under Canadian law.

All photos are of actual used items in stock as are photos of new items in stock. Please examine photos & ask for more information if you require some before ordering, as all firearms shipped are as shown & described.  

Additional photos of any firearm that interests you can be forwarded to you upon request by phone or email.  

Payments may be by email transfer, direct bank deposit, cheque or money order

Shipping is by licensed carriers, i.e Canada Post etc, and is done within 2-5 business days after required approval, and is done Mondays through Thursdays. Please allow carriers the needed time to deliver to you.

For more information or to place an order:
storino@bell.net,         St Catherine, Que.
       Ph:        514-737-5921