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Perazzi MX-10 Combo Trap
This American trap Combo set gives the versatility of adjustable point of impact barrels and an adjustable stock, together with the proven design of Perazzi's leaf spring removable trigger assembly and known winning qualities. It is a winning combination, in any model chosen by the discerning client.

We will
Special Order any Perazzi model you may wish.








Swiss Arms, Black Special, non-restricted wth sights

This is the best of all, nothing else can be said


NEW,        $4,100.





Non-Restricted Firearms








Baker Single Barrel Trap gun, Sterling Grade 12ga, 32” Vent Rib Barrel

A great find for the collector or anyone wishing to own the most advanced trap shotgun of its day, having a floating vent rib and all other features found today on current tournament grade shotguns.

This is one of the great collector items in shotguns due to its advanced features, very fast trigger and wonderfully even pattern.

Please add this to your shotgun collection, you will never regret it.

USED      Excellent+      $1,350.   -15% Special



Liege Belgian 12 gauge S/S 28” Barrels, PG

This well made Belgian 12 gauge is ideal for those who wish to own quality without the associated expense

It will serve you well in any scenario you choose

USED refinished wood, Excellent $575.



BENELLI, MR1 rifle, cal .223, 20" barrel


NEW, On Order    (EoTech sight optional)    $1,475.









Breda Standard Auto, 12 gauge VR








Browning A-Bolt II Hunter, cal 30-06 Sprg, 24” barrel, QD mounts & rings

Its classic caliber, with ammunition available anywhere, makes this an ideal all-around rifle for any use you may desire.  It also comes with QD mounts and rings.

It is in excellent condition and will serve its new owner extremely well

Blemishes in finish are visible in the photos
USED                 Excellent          $745.




C.I.L model 621, 3' magnum VR pump Shotgun

USED $345..-25%







CG 63 target Swedish Mauser Prototype

We will choose the best available rifle for you with excellent rifling and sights at your specifications if you call us.

Special Select In Stock   from
   $575. SPECIAL





Drilling, Eduard Kettner, Suhl, 7x57 & 16 Ga, Dural Receiver

We have been very fortunate to acquire this drilling and present it to our clients, dated 1135, it represents the old world hand craftsmanship yet proofed for Nitro loads

Made with a Dural receiver for best balance and weight distribution, it is very tight, in excellent interior and mechanical condition, there are a few small rust handling spots on the barrel exterior, clearly visible in the photos, not detracting from its pre-war beauty.

USED     Excellent                        $3,850.




Dominion Arms, 1887 copy of Winchester, 12Ga

Please! consider this extremely well made short barrel copy of the 1887 12ga used by the Terminator in that famous film/video.

An extremely well made and versatile item for backpackers or re-enactors who just have to have the right thing at the right time.

NEW    Back Order        $499.


EMEI, T97 NSR, cal .223/5.56, 18.5” barrel, c/w accessory rail

This Non_restricted rifle, is approved as such and saleable to any licensed person, as it will give excellent accuracy (we tested it!) with your choice of ammunition

It has a great trigger, about 5 pounds, and is a consistent performer for the discerning owner who appreciates the benefits of a bullpup designed rifle, at home on the range or in the field.

It also uses any AR15 magazines including the 10 round pistol mags.

NEW       IN STOCK    Special Price  $945.


Ithaca S/S 12 gauge, cased, all original


Khan Artemis Supreme
12 Gauge 3” chambered 28” vent rib barrels with 4 interchangeable chokes, single SELECTIVE trigger, extractors, checkered pistol grip and forend.

In stock.  NEW $445.



KRISS Super V, cal 45ACP, Non-Restricted

Takes GLOCK 21 magazines, 10 rounds, c/w 1 GLOCK 21 mag, cased

NEW    In Stock!      $1,795.





Lefaucheux 12 gauge Side-by-Side

A most interesting 12 gauge breakopen with beautiful sidelocks, this will be a prized addition to your collection of top grade shotguns

Its design is a marvel to behold and it is a beauty at any game you may wish to try










Norinco JW-2000, 12gax3” Coach Gun, 12” Barrels, Non-Restricted
A new outside hammer Copy of a 19th Century coach gun with outside hammers and rebounding sidelocks, this shotgun is a great addition to any collection or for any Cowboy Action Shooting.

Please consider it for your next purchase.

NEW     NOW IN STOCK!       $400.




Remington 742 WoodMaster, cal .308 Win, 22" barrel

As a companion to the 18.5” barrelled version offered below, this rifle in its .308 caliber is a wonderful bush and other field rifle, & will serve its new owner for a long time




Remington 870 Express Magnum, 12ga x 3” chokes 30” barrel

A vent rib magnum suitable for any hunting situation with its interchangeable chokes.

USED    Excellent  
Hunting Special   $385.




SOLD    Ruger Mini 14 Stainless caliber .223 Rem/5.56, muzzle brake

Rarely used and from a collector’s estate, this icon will do whatever you ask of it, and allow you to use a myriad of ammunition types and weights including reloads

The accessories presently available will add to the pleasure and different activities for which it can be used

Excellent-Mint            $         
New estate release










FN Sauer cal 30-06 Sprg, 24” Barrel, Redfield 1 3/4x5 with QD Mount / Rings

The quality of a Sauer/FN cooperative production rifle is very well known and requires no further description,

Ththis rifle even has a single set trigger and quick detachable scope mount/rings to make for a perfect hunting rifle at any range capable of taking ang game you may wish to hunt

Please give it a good home, it is deserving of nothing else

Excellent ++       $1,655.
           New estate release






J.P. Sauer & Sohn, Suhl, 12 gauge Side-by-Side

Please contact us for details

USED $1,195.  On SPECIAL







TAVOR, TAR 21, by IWI, 18.5” barrel, cal 5.56/.223

If you are looking for a proven design, extremely durable and accurate, and non-restricted, please add this Bullpup designed rifle to your collection

Its excellent accuracy and reliability when combined with its beautiful balance makes for one of the best rifles for the range or afield. It also uses any AR15 magazines including the 10 round pistol mags.

Consider getting one as soon as you can, don’t let it go,
it will never let you down . Cased with Accessories

NEW  ,       On Order






Winchester model 25, 28” full choke barrel

All of the features of the classic and famous model 12 pump action, this model was manufactured without the takedown feature, but all the rest is the same excellent quality we appreciated from Winchester.

It points and operates so smoothly that there is no real useful difference between them, so this makes an excellent all-around hunting shotgun.

USED   Excellent+            $515.
Finally released by Estate!














Winchester 1894, 20” cal 30-30,   20” Barrel

Time proven as a great hunting rifle, it is in excellent condition and ready for whatever service you choose.

It will provide years of reliablity and field proven performance, and its nostalgic touch of the old west will bring back fond memories of great hunts past.

USED        Excellent                       $485.
Finally released by Estate!




Zabala Hermanos, S/S 12 gauge


USED $325.



ON HOLD  ZOLI , 12 gauge Silver Eagle, SST, AE. PG, Beavertail

With a single selective trigger, automatic ejectors and its 26” barrels & beavertail forend, this will make for a wonderful all-around 12 gauge shotgun, suitable for all field game you may hunt.

Its case hardened receiver and french skip checkered grip make for Excellent control when flushing game in heavy conditions or open fields.

This is a keeper to enjoy for a long time in this condition with all of its features

USED       Excellent       SPECIAL   PRICE             $795.