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Magazines for Sale, Various shown & priced
A selection of handgun, rifle and military magazines are available, including many not shown in the display pictured.
Currently in Stock: Price List in Photos

  • ARMALITE AR-10 Original
  • BROWNING Hi-Power
  • HK USP Compact
  • HK UMP 9mm 30 Rounds
  • MAS 49/56
  • Norinco AK .223
  • Russian PPsh41
  • SIG 226 Pistol
  •   "    228 Pistol .
  • UZI All 9mm Models In  Stock
  • UZI .45 ACP Magazines
  • YUGO 56, cal 9mm Para, SMG
  • CAMPO GIRO 9mm
  • FAMAE SMG 40s&w, 3 LEFT

Please contact us with your needs, and
price/availability will be provided.


Brawer Bros. Holster for 6” Barrel Revolver

CODE h e 44
USED  Excellent      $50.


Safariland Holster/Cartridge Belt

This rig is made for a S&W large frame Revolver or similar handgun, and is marked size 34.

USED   Excellent+    



NORINCO AK  Bolt in cal 7.62x39

Complete and ready to install

NEW   $40.


Winchester model 1300 Stainless 12 gauge 18” shotgun barrels

This barrel will fit any defender style shotgun with the extended mag tube

Excellent Condition & Complete      $125. each


Armalite AR-15 tan Forend
Made to fit any style AR-15 rifle, this Tan forend is easily installed by the owner by simply removing the old forend and inserting the tan one.

This tan color when combined with a trelescopic stock or regular tan stock will render your AR-15 a perfect rendition of military models employed by troops in current actions.
NEW $55.



ArmaLite AR-10 Combination Green Stock/Forend/Pistol Grip
A perfect combination to change the appearance of any black AR-10 or similar rifle, this green furniture with a free-floating fiberglass/metal forend will change your rifle into a combination closely resembling and exactly performing as target and sniper models. The stock comes with the standard buttplate requiring the screw holding your present stock in place on the buffer tube.

The combination comes complete, and requires the readily available adaptor for your make of .308 caliber rifle.
NEW      $199.



B-Square Scope mount/Rings for Heckler & Koch 91 & 93

USED Excellent+          



NcStar Quick Release Uni-Bipod

New in Box           


Scope Mount See Through Carry Handle Tri-Rail

Easily attached as required

NEW in Box          



Sporting Scope Mount,  MNT 990T, with 1” Rings

Easily attached as required

NEW in Box          


Canadian C1 Top Cover
Original issue C1 covers with integral charger guide, I you are upgrading any FN FAL to Canadian configuration, this cover will be just right for your project as it fits any FAL.

It is also a great idea to have a spare C1 cover in this condition as they are getting harder to find with time. Excellent condition.
 USED   $60



Canadian "C broad arrow" issue No 1 Enfield peep sight
In excellent condition and in perfect working condition, this fully adjustable peep sight will fit any Enfield No1 MkIII and allow much better target shooting with your hunting or collector WWI or similar rifle.

It has the "C
é " mark and clamps on the left side of the receiver over the ejector screw.

It is shown on a WWI rifle for better understanding as the No4 rifles all have rear peep sights as standard issue, regardless of manufacturer.

Quite a rare item, this will make for a wonderful addition to any military collection.     
USED       $265.


Hendsolt 4x scope for FN FAL, German manufactured cover

If you own an FN FAL this is the correct scope and cover/mount for the most accurate shooting, and is the correct rig for this icon of rifles.

It is amazing how accurate this is, and has a wide range diopter adjustment for any eye requirement.

This item will be a treasured addition to your FAL type collection and in its excellent all original condition.

USED, Sharp, Clear Optics    $895.


TriLux L2A2 Sight Infantry, complete

Will fit on British and Metric receivers

USED            $365.


D.P.M.S. free-floating Aluminum Forend
An original black aluminum free floating D.P.M.S. forend for a rifle length barrel, this addition makes for a much more accurate rifle and is specifically made for their heavy barrel LR Panther .308 target rifles. It will also fit any other AR 10 style rifle with the adaptor readily available from suppliers.
NEW $145.




The COLT Heritage, R.L. Wilson, with S. Latham
The original 358 page hardcover edition of the history of Colt firearms from 1836 to the present, this edition features 250 color photos of numerous models. It also features a full list of models and serial numbers up to1978, and will prove to be invaluable to any Colt afficionado or collector.

Excellent condition, no jacket.        


Magpul Stocks
These fully adjustable stocks are very solid and have none of the looseness between the buffer tube and the actual stock as do the issue telescopic AR-15 stocks. They are extremely solid and durable and greatly improve accuracy as well as permitting use by those requiring a longer stock than permitted by the issue telescopic stocks.
NEW      $ POR


Astra Flare Launcher model 1921 Solid Rib

he book, Astra Automatic Pistols, lists only drawings of this very rare all original flare launcher. It is a top-break launcher in excellent condition without any grips.

The rib top shows the model and manufacture markings, and makes a rare addition for any afficionado of such valuable equipment

USED    $995.

Astra Flare Launcher model 1921 Plain Barrel
As with the solid rib model above, this plain barrel all original flare launcher is a top-break model but with an extractor.

The barrel is stamped around 360 degrees with its markings, as appear in the closeup photo. Its rarity also makes it a rare companion for the above model, ready to be acquired by any discerning collector.   

USED    $890.




Fairbairn Sykes Fighting knife

Sometimes we get lucky and such a find as this authentic knife will make any knowledgeable collector rush to authenticate this item.

Olof Janson did a great study of this famous icon, and his works are available free on the web for further study, which was used to attempt to identify this bladed weapon (incorrect sheath) form a myriad of variations made available to our fighting forces in WWII etc.

Its markings include a broad arrow é & the letter "
T" at the front of the knurled grip, and the word "england" on the crossguard.

It is left to the expert enthusiast ot determine more information but the complete 160+ page study by Janson can be emailed to any potential client, since we have it on file. Please take the time to study the photos and email your questions or comments.

USED      $995.



Marttiini Explorer Hunting Knife with Scabbard
Made in Finland, this all purpose Finnish made hunting knife's blade is made from a special stainless chrome steel. Please refer to the company website for complete details.

Its 4" stainless blade is engraved with the proud description from the manufacturer, its handle is an exotic wood best described by the company's site and its scabbard is is a top quality bull hide.

An ideal high quality hunting knife of a mid length blade for all hunting needs.

USED     $105.



R Muse'k Best Tungsten Steel RAZOR
he things that are found in an estate are sometimes a wonder and a part of our past history.

This straight razor with its marked box is in almost new condition and marked " Muse best steel model 532", best hollow ground", and its ivory handle shows no signs of wear or use. All metal parts are bright tungsten steel ( photo does not show brightness).

It is extremely sharp and is a wonder to use in modern times. Makes one want to try out the 19th and early 20th century way of life for a while.
    USED      $325.