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F.A.  12(6) Grandfathered









Bernardelli Baby
A .22 Short caliber semiautomatic pocket handgun, this is a collector item that is quite rare and worth adding to any collection of early vest pocket handguns.

USED $270.





SOLD Beretta 1934 caliber .380 ACP, 1941 Manufacture


A true collectors piece from WWII, and in excellent condition, its .380 ammunition makes it a reliable target handgun as well as a true collector’s wish list item



If you seek such an Italian addition to your collection, please consider it for your next acquisition


Excellent               Used          $485.












Colt Official Police
This all original 4" barrel 38 Special revolver has original wood grips and shows slight holster wear at the muzzle and on the front part of the cylinder. The timing is also excellent and seems to have seen little actual shooting as the interior is in excellent condition.

USED $455.              -10%




Forehand Arms
A 3 1/2" top-break 6 shot caliber .38 revolver, factory nickel finish, excellent condition and in perfect working order.

USED $245.              -10%



Galesi model 9
Quite an unusual semiautomatic handgun in caliber 22 Short, this pistol has original ivory colored finger groove grips and comes with its original box.

It was manufactured in 1956 and is a great find for those who are interested in era pocket handguns and will appreciate its excellent shooting qualities.

USED $375.





Smith & Wesson model 10-7

Another round butt snubnose  “K” frame 2 inch revolver in great shape in all original.

Excellent condition in and out
$495.                 -10%

Smith & Wesson model 15, 4" .38 Special
If you are looking for a top of the line .38 Special for bullseye shooting or other uses, this well balanced combat masterpiece comes with factory adjustable sights and a combat ramp front sight for quick target acquisition.

It sports new Hogue full finger groove grips for a non slip hold, and is perfectly balanced for any shooter's stature. It is in excellent condition and will make a great handgun for those with the ability to acquire this great item.

USED $445.             -10%





Smith & Wesson 22/32 Kit Gun, cal 22LR, 2” barrel, Adjustable Sights

Just came in, the description below says it all,

Its period grips will give a feeling and pointability of a classic square grip .22 that was the staple of many in that era.

It is all original (except grips) and in excellent condition mechanically.    

USED             VG-Exc           
(Rear sight blade is bent slightly)
estate release




Smith & Wesson model 12 Airweight, cal 38 Spl

Showing almost no wear and all original, this will become a prize in any revolver collection, as they don’t come much cleaner than this item.

Its condition in & out shows it to be a most collectible revolver and a great shooter as it was designed for the myriad of loads available

USED          Excellent                     $475.

Finally released by Estate!


Smith & Wesson 629 Stainless .44 Magnum, 4 ” Barrel

For those who prefer a stainless handgun, the original 44 Magnum was made available with all the shooting qualities of the original version.

This collector’s handgun shows very little use and is in top shape in and out. It also sports Hogue Custom grips for best control.

It will provide all the accuracy and durability you require from such a treasure.

USED         Excellent++     $1,485. Collector estate














Smith & Wesson 28-4
An all original Highway Patrol 4 inch caliber .357 Magnum "N" frame revolver, this almost mint handgun sports factory adjustable rear sights and Baughmann quick-draw front sights and Goncalo Alves grips.

Its timing is perfect and the cylinder gap is better than factory specs. An excellent acquisition! suitable for all .357 magnum loads made.

USED                       1 In Stock           $559.


Smith & Wesson, model 36, cal 38 Spl, 51mm barrel

2 in Stock, 1 is a 2” barrel, the other is a 3” barrel.

USED    $435. For 2”,  $474 for 3” barrel





Smith & Wesson, model 37, cal 38 Spl, 51mm barrel



Smith & Wesson, model 38 Bodyguard, cal .38 Spl, 51mm barrel

In Stock, 1 with Pachmayr Grips



Smith & Wesson, Bright Stainless  model 60, cal .38 Spl, 51mm barrel

With its original S&W custom ergo grips, this beautifully made revolver will fit your hand and all your needs.

It is in excellent collector condition, please consider it as your next acquisition




Smith & Wesson 32 Hand Ejector, 5 screw, model 1903, 5th change

USED     $585.


Smith & Wesson model 39-2
First used by the Illinois Highway patrol & an introductory attempt at using semiautos instead of revolvers, this aluminum framed 9mm 9 shot handgun is a classic for both the target shooter and the collector.

It is in excellent condition and has a very tight action for precision shooting in any scenario.

It is in all original factory condition and has a beautiful trigger pull for tighter groups and easier handling.

2 In Stock
USED $595.-10%