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ON HOLD  BREN, Mk I 1940 production, converted to Mk 3/1,
plus transit case,accessories

12(3) Grandfather clause required
USED     $2,495.


Photos Available on Request




Daewoo K2 with Side-folding Stock

An unusual find in today's market, the K2's long stroke gas piston and solid aluminum frame, combined with a side-folding full stock, makes this rifle a great acquisition and a very accurate shooter. It uses both 5.56mm military and commercial .223 ammunition.

Its well known reliability and its excellent condition in & out makes it a wonderful acquisition for any military collector and shooter. It comes complete with 1 magazine and its sling.

USED $1,225.

Photos Available on Request

Heckler & Koch, G-3, cal .308 winchester,
       with 1 20 round factory magazine

A rare converted auto with serial # 50xx, if you have this class of prohibited firearm, this is a historical addition to make for your collection

USED        Excellent+               $1,399.


Photos Available on Request


Heckler & Koch, HK-91, cal .308 winchester,

       with 1 20 round factory magazine

All Original Excellent $1,299.


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STEYR, AUG, 20" Barrel, rare BLACK Furniture

C/W 2x30 round Magazines  
USED  $2,185.


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UZI, IMI Israel, model "B" Carbine, 9mm Para

USED 2 mags blocked, fake short barrel $1,345.



Photos Available on Request


Zastava model 70 AB 2 Assault Rifle
A transferable Converted Auto (subsection 12(3), this Yugoslavian AK version is the best example of a licensed copy of the Russian AKM. It has a stamped receiver and an integral grenade launcher sight, and comes with the detachable 22mm launcher that fits on the muzzle.

Its underfolding stock is very well made and fits tightly in place. The teak wood furniture is extremely durable and a change from the laminated Russian version. It is totally functional and comes with 1 magazine and the mag pouch.

USED $1,490.


Photos Available on Request